by Kristy

Poems and thoughts


What is a black hole?
Can you see it?
How far does it go?
Before I die I want to know.
Kristy Heitkamp
4th Grade


Earth is very neat.
Thank God for this wonderful treat.
So we should treat this wonderful
neat place with Love and Care.
Kristy Heitkamp
4th Grade






I once had a tree in my backyard. It was a huge tree and a lot of birds made their nests there. One day one of the nests fell out of the tree. I went to see and there were two baby birds sitting in it. I was so happy. I took a bowl, put the baby birds in it and took them in the house. I cared for them that day. The next day I called a bird shop and asked what I should do. They told me I should put them back in the nest and put it back in the tree so the mother would come back for her babies. I tried but it didn’t work. I took care of the birds and named them Jess and Kris. I gave them worms and milk. I had to feed them every fifteen minutes with an eye dropper, but the job was hard because I have school. I had them for about a month. Then on Saturday I went to wake them. They were both resting on each other with their eyes closed…they had died. I started crying. That day I buried them in the backyard.
Krissi Heitkamp
6th Grade




Friends are an essential part of our everyday lives. Everyone needs friends. Friends help you through thick and thin and are always there. A true friend doesn’t care what other people say or do because they like and care for you as an individual. Friendship is important but it can also be bad.

A clique is a group of people that hang around together. Sometimes these people are stuck up and rather snobby. If you as an individual don’t follow the same ritual, and take advantage of some of the fads and trends as they do, the clique can become quite hostile and cruel.

This is the time when you need a true friend by you to support your feelings and esteem. Some people don’t have strong friends and lose those friends when the clique attacks. These friendless people become eternally scared from lack of friendship. They, themselves, become mean and hostile. Thus, warding away any potential friends. This is why everybody needs friends.
Kris Heitkamp
8th Grade