by Kristina

Articles in children’s magazines Odyssey, Faces, and Muse

Canary in the Coal Mine (Muse Feb 2017)

Close your eyes and open your ears. What do you hear? If you’re camping in Montana, you might hear…read more.





Boxes of Bugs  (Muse Jan 2017)

Collections of creepy crawlies can either be a person’s nightmare of an artist’s muse…read more. 






Fighting Back (Muse Oct 2016)

Inside the Civic Center in Butte Montana, Butte’s Copper City Queens take on Helena’s Helz Belles. The whistle blows and the jam begins…read more.






Not Actual Size (Muse March 2016)

A painter, a psychologist, and a policeman all walk into a carnival. They ask the cotton-candy man where they should go for a good laugh…read more.





Every Dog Will Have Its Day (Faces Feb 2016)

It’s almost impossible to count all the homeless dogs and cats in the world. But the World Health Organization has estimated 600 million strays roam the earth in search of shelter, companionship, and more. 



ody1502_3dprinting_22_hospitalnearyouComing Soon to a Hospital Near You (Odyssey Feb 2015)

Medical three-dimensional printing is about to blow your mind! But don’t worry. In the future you might be able to print a replacement…read more.